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The Irish Academy of Arms requires all coaches to be Child Protection Vetted as a condition of certification by the Academy.  This page is shows an updated list of all members of the Academy who are Garda Vetted/ Access N.I. Cleared.
The following is an updated list of all fencing coaches certified by the Academy, Garda Vetted/ Access N.I. Cleared:
David Couper - Level 5 Diploma, All Weapons
Fionbarr Farrell - Level 5 Diploma, All Weapons
Mike Westgate - Level 5 Diploma, All Weapons
Jonathan Burnside - Level 3 Diploma, Épée 
Grant Couper - Level 3 Diploma, Foil + Épée
Stephen Concannon - Level 3 Diploma, Sabre
Barry Quigley - Level 3 Diploma, Sabre
Shane Whelan - Level 3 Diploma, Épée
David White - Level 3 Diploma, Foil
Alastair Davidson - Level 2 Diploma, Épée
David Connolly - Level 2 Diploma, Sabre
Chris Gill - Level 2 Diploma, Épée
Lee Kitson - Level 2 Diploma, Sabre
Shane Molloy - Level 2 Diploma, Épée
Stewart Duguid - Level 1 Diploma
Victoria Duxbury - Level 1 Diploma
Emilia Velma - Level 1 Diploma