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Acadamh Armas na hÉireann
This basis for the Academy’s courses and assessment for certification is formed by the International Masters of Arms Qualification System – IMAQS 1.1.1_2 is here.
The Academy certifies coaches as
  • Level 1 - Entraîneur,
  • Level 2 - Moniteur,
  • Level 3 - Prévôt,
  • Level 4 - Maître d’Arme (single weapon)
  • Level 5 - Maître d’Armes (3 weapon Master)
  • Level 6 - Maître d’Escrime (Stage Fencing)
This certification is recognised by the International Academy Academy of Arms at appropriate equivalent levels.
A suggested template for a Coaching Log is downloadable here.
You can view the current list of registered fencing coaches on this page.