Irish Academy of Arms

Acadamh Armas na hÉireann

"Maestro di scherma - Maestro di vita."

"Master of Fencing - Master of Life."

The Irish Academy of Arms (Académie d'Armes d'Irlande; Acadamh Armas na hÉireann) was founded in 1952 by Prof Patrick J Duffy.  The Academy is an All-Ireland NGB for the registration, regulation and training of Fencing Masters and Coaches at all levels.

The Irish Academy of Arms is affiliated to the International Academy of Arms, a member organisation of the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE)which recognises and certifies the Diplomas of the Irish Academy.

President:  Maître David Couper

Treasurer:  Maître Fionbarr Farrell, OLY

Secretary:  Maître Mike Westgate

Northern Area Representative: Maître Mike Westgate

Bronze, Silver and Gold Blade Achievement Awards validate the progression of fencers in their fencing knowledge and technique.

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The Irish Academy of Arms certifies fencing coaches.  Recent Diploma Awards are here

The Irish Academy of Arms has as its goals:

(a)    the organisation of courses suitable for Fencing Masters in all aspects of their profession

(b)    the development of programmes for examinations, together with

(c)    the composition of a panel of judges responsible for examining the candidates